Ezekiel 44:3
for: Eze 46:2, Eze 46:8, 2Ch 23:13, 2Ch 34:31 the prince: It is probable that the prince mentioned here and elsewhere, does not mean the Messiah, but the ruler of the Jewish nation for the time being. For it is not only directed where he should sit in the temple, and eat his portion of the sacrifices, and when and how he should go out; but it is also ordered - Eze 45:22, that at the passover he shall offer a bullock, a sin offering for himself and the people; and to guard him against any temptation of oppressing the people, he had a provision of land allotted to him - Eze 45:8, out of which he is to give an inheritance for his sons - Eze 46:18. These appear plainly to be political rules for common princes, and for a succession of them; but as no such rules were observed under the second temple, the fulfilment of it must still be future. Eze 34:24, Eze 37:25, Zec 6:12, Zec 6:13 to eat: Gen 31:54, Exo 24:9-11, Deu 12:7, Deu 12:17, Deu 12:18, Isa 23:18, Isa 62:9, 1Co 10:18-33, Rev 3:20 he shall enter: Eze 40:9, Eze 46:2, Eze 46:8-10 Reciprocal: 1Ki 10:5 - cupbearers 2Ki 11:5 - the watch 1Ch 9:18 - the king's 2Ch 9:4 - ascent 2Ch 23:5 - the king's house Eze 46:12 - open him