Ezekiel 33:21
in the twelfth: This was on Wednesday, January 25, am 3416 or 3417. According to the date here given, this escaped Jew did not come to the prophet, with intelligence of Jerusalem being smitten, till about eighteen months after the event; but instead of the "twelfth year," eight manuscripts and the Syriac read the eleventh. Eze 1:2 one: Eze 24:26, Eze 24:27 The city: This was the very message which God had promised to the prophet. Eze 24:26, 2Ki 24:4-7, 2Ch 36:17-21, Jer 39:2-8, Jer 52:4-14 Reciprocal: 2Ki 25:4 - the city Isa 28:21 - his strange Eze 24:1 - the ninth year Eze 34:5 - they were Eze 40:1 - after