Ezekiel 30:21
Son of man: This prophecy was delivered soon after the Egyptians under Pharaoh-hophra had come to relieve Jerusalem, and some months before the city was taken, being the eleventh year of Jeremiah's captivity, and answering to April 26, am 3416. When the king of Babylon took from the king of Egypt, in the days of Pharaoh-necho, all his dominions in Asia, one of his arms was broken. God now declared that he should never recover these territories, or gain any ascendancy in that part of the world; nay, that his other arm, which was now strong, should soon be broken, and rendered utterly useless. This was fulfilled when Hophra was dethroned and driven into Upper Egypt by Amasis; and then Nebuchadnezzar, taking advantage of this civil discord, invaded and conquered that kingdom, and enslaved, dispersed, and carried captive the Egyptians. I have: Eze 30:24, Psa 10:15, Psa 37:17, Jer 48:25 it shall not: Isa 1:6, Jer 30:13, Jer 46:11, Jer 51:8, Jer 51:9, Nah 3:16, Rev 18:21 Reciprocal: 1Sa 2:31 - I will cut Psa 58:6 - Break their Psa 76:5 - and Psa 89:43 - turned Isa 45:1 - holden Eze 31:17 - that were Dan 11:6 - retain Nah 3:19 - no