Ezekiel 29:18
Nebuchadrezzar: Eze 26:7-12, Jer 25:9, Jer 27:6 a great: Nebuchadnezzar was thirteen years employed in the siege. During this long siege, the soldiers must have endured great hardships; their heads would become bald by constantly wearing their helmets; and their shoulders be peeled by carrying materials to and from the works. yet: St. Jerome asserts, on the authority of the Assyrian histories, that when the Tyrians saw their city must fall, they put their most valuable effects on board their ships, and fled with them to the islands, and their colonies, "so that, the city being taken, Nebuchadnezzar found nothing worthy of his labour. Reciprocal: Gen 49:15 - bowed 2Ki 10:30 - Because thou hast Neh 4:10 - bearers Isa 7:20 - shave Isa 23:13 - and he Jer 25:22 - Tyrus Jer 27:3 - Edom Jer 43:10 - I will send Amo 6:11 - the Lord Mat 11:22 - Tyre Mat 20:14 - thine Rev 6:4 - power