Jeremiah 38:6
took: Jer 37:21, Psa 109:5, Luk 3:19, Luk 3:20 into: Jer 37:16, Lam 3:55, Act 16:24, 2Co 4:8, 2Co 4:9, Heb 10:36 Hammelech: or, the king, Jer 36:26 and they: Jer 38:11, Jer 38:12 And in: This dungeon, which seems to have belonged to one of Zedekiah's sons, appears to have been a most dreadful place; the horrors of which were probably augmented by the cruelty of the jailor. "The eastern people," observes Sir J. Chardin, "have not different prisons for the different classes of criminals; the judges do not trouble themselves about where the prisoners are confined, or how they are treated, considering it merely as a place of safety; and all that they require of the jailor is, that the prisoner be forthcoming when called for. As to the rest, he is master to do as he pleases; to treat him well or ill; to put him in irons or not; to shut him up close, or hold him in easier restraint; to admit people to him, or to suffer nobody to see him. If the jailor and his servants have large fees, let the person be the greatest rascal in the world, he shall be lodged in the jailor's own apartment, and the best part of it; and on the contrary, if those that have imprisoned a man give the jailor greater presents, or that he has a greater regard for them, he will treat the prisoner with the greatest inhumanity." This adds a double energy to those passages which speak of "the sighing of the prisoner," and to Jeremiah's supplicating that he might not be remanded to the dungeon of Jonathan - Jer 38:26, Jer 37:20. Jer 38:22, Gen 37:24, Psa 40:2, Psa 69:2, Psa 69:14, Psa 69:15, Lam 3:52-55, Zec 9:11 Reciprocal: Exo 12:29 - dungeon Exo 23:2 - to decline 1Ki 22:27 - Put this fellow 2Ch 18:25 - and carry him back 2Ch 36:16 - misused Job 30:19 - cast me Isa 24:22 - shall they Isa 51:14 - die Jer 1:19 - And they Jer 20:2 - smote Jer 29:26 - that thou Jer 32:2 - Jeremiah Jer 36:5 - General Jer 37:15 - in the Jer 38:13 - So Lam 3:1 - the man Lam 3:7 - hedged Lam 3:53 - cut Dan 3:23 - fell Luk 4:28 - were 2Co 6:5 - imprisonments Heb 11:36 - bonds