Jeremiah 38:22
all: Jer 41:10, Jer 43:6, Lam 5:11 and those: Mr. Harmer would render, "and here (hennah or reading hinneh behold), the women (wont to sing on public occasions) shall say," etc.; observing "that these bitter speeches much better suit the lips of women belonging to the conquering nation, singing before a captive prince, than of his own wives and concubines." This he illustrates by the following extract from Della Valle: When he was at Lar, in Persia, the king of Ormuz was brought thither in triumph; and "this poor unfortunate king entered Lar, with his people, in the morning, music playing, and girls and women singing and dancing before him, according to the custom of Persia, and the people flocking together with a prodigious concourse, and conducting him in a pompous and magnificent manner, particularly with colours displayed, like what the Messenians formerly did to Philopoemen, the general of the Athenians, their prisoner of war, according to the report of Justin." Thy friends: Heb. The men of thy peace, Jer 38:4-6, Jer 20:10, Psa 41:9,*marg. have set: Jer 38:19, Lam 1:2, Mic 7:5 thy feet: Jer 38:6, Psa 69:2, Psa 69:14 they are: Jer 46:5, Jer 46:21, Isa 42:17, Lam 1:13 Reciprocal: Jer 30:14 - lovers Oba 1:7 - men that were at peace with thee