Jeremiah 32:8
court: Jer 32:2, Jer 33:1 Anathoth: Jer 32:7, 1Ki 2:26, 1Ch 6:60 Then I: 1Sa 9:16, 1Sa 9:17, 1Sa 10:3-7, 1Ki 22:25, Zec 11:11, Joh 4:53, Act 10:17-28 that this: That it was by His appointment that I was to make this purchase; the whole of which was designed as a symbolical act, to shew the people, that although Judah and Jerusalem should be desolated, and the inhabitants carried captive to Babylon, yet there should be a restoration, when lands and possessions should be again enjoyed by their legal owners, in the same manner as formerly. During the famine that prevailed in the city, Hanameel probably wanted money to purchase bread, and his field would not be thought of much value in such circumstances, which may account for the stipulated sum being so very small; for at 2s. 6d. the shekel, it would only amount to about 2. 2s. 6d. Reciprocal: Lev 25:25 - General Num 27:11 - kinsman 1Ch 21:23 - Take it Isa 10:30 - Anathoth Jer 32:25 - thou Jer 37:21 - into the Eze 7:12 - let Eze 12:7 - I did so Eph 1:14 - the redemption Heb 11:36 - bonds