Isaiah 13:19
Babylon: Babylon, whose destruction and utter ruin are here predicted, was situated in the midst of a large plain, having a very deep and fruitful soil, on the Euphrates, about 252 miles south-east of Palmyra, and the same distance north-west of Susa and the Persian gulf, in lat. 32 degrees 30 minutes n and long. 44 degrees 20 minutes e. According to Herodotus, it formed a perfect square, each side of which was 120 stadia, and consequently its circumference 480 stadia, or sixty miles; inclosed by a wall 200 cubits high, and fifty wide, on the top of which were small watch towers of one story high, leaving a space between them, through which a chariot and four might pass and turn. On each side were twenty-five gates of solid brass; from each of which proceeded a street, 150 feet broad, making in all fifty streets; which, crossing each other at right angles, intersected the city into 676 squares, extending four stadia and a half on each side, along which stood the houses, all built three or four stories high, and highly decorated towards the street; the interior of these squares being employed as gardens, pleasure grounds, etc. Its principal ornaments were the temple of Belus, having a tower of eight stories, upon a base of a quarter of a mile square; a most magnificent palace; and the famous hanging gardens, or artificial mountains raised upon arches, and planted with large and beautiful trees. Cyrus took it by diverting the waters of the Euphrates, which ran through the midst, and entering by the channel; and the river being never restored to its proper course, overflowed the whole country, and made it a morass. Darius Hystaspes afterwards depopulated the place, lowered the walls, and demolished the gates; Xerxes destroyed the temples; the building of Seleucia nearly exhausted it of its inhabitants; a king of the Parthians carried a number of them into slavery, and destroyed the most beautiful parts; so that modern travellers describe it as a mass of shapeless ruins, the habitation of wild beasts. Isa 14:4-6, Isa 14:12-15, Jer 51:41, Dan 2:37, Dan 2:38, Dan 4:30 when God overthrew: Heb. the overthrowing of, Gen 19:24, Deu 29:23, Jer 49:18, Jer 50:40, Zep 2:9 Reciprocal: 2Ki 20:12 - Babylon Psa 107:33 - turneth Isa 14:17 - made Isa 21:9 - Babylon Isa 23:13 - land Isa 25:12 - to the dust Isa 32:14 - for Isa 39:1 - king Isa 47:5 - for Isa 47:9 - in a moment Jer 25:12 - perpetual Jer 50:3 - which Jer 51:26 - shall not Jer 51:29 - every Jer 51:37 - become Jer 51:62 - to cut Eze 16:50 - therefore Amo 4:11 - as God Nah 2:10 - empty Zep 2:14 - flocks Luk 17:29 - General Rom 9:29 - we had been 2Pe 2:6 - turning Rev 18:2 - Babylon Rev 18:9 - the smoke