Isaiah 10:28
He is come: This is a prophetical description of the march of Sennacherib's army approaching Jerusalem in order to invest it, and of the terror and confusion spreading and increasing through the several places as he advanced; expressed with great brevity, but finely diversified. Aiath, or Ai, was situated a little east of Bethel about twelve miles north of Jerusalem; Michmash about three miles nearer, where there was a narrow pass between two sharp hills; Geba and Ramah about three miles more to the south; Gibeah a mile and a half more southward; Anathoth within three miles of Jerusalem; to the westward of which, towards Lydda, was Nob, from which place Sennacherib might have a prospect of Zion, and near which, it would appear, his army was destroyed. Aiath: Jos 7:2, Neh 11:31, Aija Migron: 1Sa 14:2 Michmash: 1Sa 13:2, 1Sa 13:5, 1Sa 14:5, 1Sa 14:31 Reciprocal: Gen 12:8 - Hai 1Sa 13:11 - Michmash 1Sa 13:23 - passage 2Ki 19:32 - He shall not come Ezr 2:27 - Michmas Ecc 7:8 - Better Isa 8:8 - he shall pass Isa 17:14 - at eveningtide Isa 22:7 - full Isa 30:16 - for we will Isa 36:1 - that Sennacherib Mic 1:9 - he