Ecclesiastes 8:15
Then I: Some consider this as the cavil of an infidel objector, equivalent to the Epicurean maxim, Ede, bibe, lude; post mortem nulla voluptas, "Eat, drink, and play; there is no pleasure after death." But it may be regarded as a recommendation of a moderate use of worldly things, with a cheerful and contented mind; which may justly be considered as the greatest advantage which can be made of all below the sun, and amidst all changes, such a frame of mind, if the result of right principles, may and ought to be preserved; and it will be the recompence and solace of all our labours and toils. Ecc 2:24, Ecc 3:12, Ecc 3:13, Ecc 3:22, Ecc 5:18, Ecc 9:7-9, 1Ti 4:3, 1Ti 4:4, 1Ti 6:17 Reciprocal: Gen 25:34 - eat Rth 3:7 - his heart 1Ch 29:22 - eat and drink Ecc 1:3 - under Ecc 2:1 - I will Ecc 2:22 - hath man Ecc 11:8 - rejoice