Ecclesiastes 2:8
silver: 1Ki 9:14, 1Ki 9:28, 1Ki 10:10, 1Ki 14:21, 1Ki 14:22, 1Ki 14:27, 2Ch 9:11, 2Ch 9:15-21 men singers: 2Sa 19:35, Ezr 2:65 musical instruments: etc. Heb. musical instrument and instruments, 1Ch 25:1, 1Ch 25:6, Job 21:11, Job 21:12, Psa 150:3-5, Dan 3:5, Dan 3:7, Dan 3:15, Amo 6:5, The difficult words shiddah weshiddoth are variously rendered. The LXX have οινοχοον και οινοχοας, "male and female cup-bearers," with which the Syriac and Arabic and Parkhurst agree; Aquila, κυλικον και κυλικια, "a cup and smaller cups;" Jerome, scyphos et urceolos, Vulgate urceos), "goblets and pots;" Targum, "warm and cold baths;" others, as M. Desvoeux, "male and female captives;" others, "cooks and confectioners;" others, "a species of musical compositions," derived from Sido, a celebrated Phoenician woman, to whom Sanchoniatho attributes the invention of music; but others, with more probability, "wives and concubines;" and siddoth may be in this sense synonymous with the Arabic seedat, domina, conjux from sada, in Conj. V. conjugium inivit. Of the former, Solomon had three hundred, and of the latter, seven hundred; and if they are not mentioned here they are not mentioned at all, which is wholly unaccountable. Reciprocal: 2Ch 8:18 - took thence Psa 39:6 - he heapeth Dan 6:18 - and passed