Psalm 75:1
A Psalm: Some consider this Psalm to have been written by David on his accession to the throne over all Israel; others refer it to the time of the captivity, considering it as a continuation of the subject in the preceding; but Bp. Patrick and others are of opinion that it was composed by Asaph to commemorate the overthrow of Sennacherib's army, 2Ki 19:1. of Asaph: or, for Asaph for that: Psa 76:1, Psa 138:2, Exo 23:21, Exo 34:6, Exo 34:7, Jer 10:6 wondrous: Deu 4:7, Deu 4:33, Deu 4:34 Reciprocal: 1Ch 6:39 - Asaph 1Ch 25:2 - Asaph Psa 34:18 - is nigh Psa 101:2 - behave Psa 119:151 - near Isa 55:6 - while he is near Eph 2:17 - that