Esther 8:8
in the king's name: Est 3:12, 1Ki 21:8 may no man reverse: No, not the king himself; and this was the reason that the king was forced not to reverse, but to give a contradictory decree; that if the Jews, pursuant to the first decree, were assaulted, they might legitimately, by virtue of the second, defend themselves, slay their enemies, and even take the spoil. Est 8:5, Est 1:19, Dan 6:8, Dan 6:12-15, 2Ti 2:19, Heb 6:17, Heb 6:18 Reciprocal: Gen 41:42 - his ring 2Ch 30:5 - established Est 3:10 - took Dan 6:15 - Know Col 2:14 - the handwriting