Esther 5:4
If it seem: Est 5:8, Pro 29:11 the banquet: Mishteh, from shathah, "to drink," a compotation. feast, or banquet accompanied with drinking; the drinking in the East being at the beginning, and not at the end of the entertainment. Olearius, describing an entertainment at the Persian court, says, "The floor of the hall was covered with cotton cloth, which was covered with all sorts of fruits and sweetmeats in basons of gold. With them was served up excellent Shiraz wine. After an hour's time, the sweetmeats were removed, to make way for the more substantial part of the entertainment, such as rice, boiled and roast mutton, etc. When the company had been at table an hour and a half, warm water was brought, in a ewer of gold, for washing; and grace being said, they began to retire without speaking a word, according to the custom of the country." Est 5:8, Est 3:15, Gen 27:25, Gen 32:20, Psa 112:5, 1Co 14:20 Reciprocal: Ezr 6:11 - timber Est 1:9 - the queen