Esther 5:12
Esther: Plutarch, in his life of Artaxerxes, informs us, that none but the king's mother, and his real wife, were permitted to sit at his table; and therefore he mentions it as a condescension in that prince, that he sometimes invited his brothers. Haman, therefore, had some reason to be proud of this favour. to morrow: Job 8:12, Job 8:13, Job 20:5-8, Psa 37:35, Psa 37:36, Pro 7:22, Pro 7:23, Pro 27:1, Luk 21:34, Luk 21:35, 1Th 5:3 Reciprocal: Psa 94:3 - the wicked Isa 21:4 - the night Amo 6:7 - and the