Esther 2:3
in all the provinces: Est 1:1, Est 1:2 that they may gather: This was the usual way in which the harem, or seraglio, was furnished; the finest women in the land, whether of high or low birth, were sought out and brought to the harem. They all became the king's concubines; but one was raised as chief wife, or sultana, to the throne; and her issue was especially entitled to inherit. the custody: Heb. the hand Hege: Est 2:8, Hegai the king's chamberlain: Saris hammelech, "the king's eunuch:" so the LXX, Vulgate, Targum, and Syriac. their things: Est 2:12-14, Isa 3:18-23 Reciprocal: Ezr 4:9 - Susanchites Est 2:5 - Shushan Est 2:9 - her her things Est 2:16 - the seventh Est 2:19 - the virgins Est 8:14 - Shushan