Esther 2:18
am 3547, bc 457 made a great: Est 1:3-5, Gen 29:22, Jdg 14:10-17, Son 3:11, Son 5:1, Mat 22:2, Luk 14:8, Rev 19:9 he made: We learn from Herodotus and Atheneus, that the Persian monarchs were accustomed to give their wives distinct cities and provinces for the purpose of supplying them with different articles of dress: one was assigned for ornamenting the head and neck; another provided robes, zones, etc.; and the city of Anthilla was given to a Persian queen, we read, to supply her with shoes and sandals. It is probable, therefore, that, at the desire of Esther, Ahasuerus relieved those cities and provinces that had before paid it, from this expense. release: Heb. rest gave gifts: Est 9:22, 1Sa 25:8, Neh 8:11, Rev 11:10 Reciprocal: Mat 14:6 - birthday Mar 6:21 - his birthday Eph 4:8 - and