Esther 2:17
favour: or, kindness in his sight: Heb. before him so that he set: Est 4:14, 1Sa 2:8, Psa 75:6, Psa 75:7, Psa 113:7, Psa 113:8, Eze 17:24, Luk 1:48-52, bishop Patrick observes, that those who suggest that Esther committed a great sin to come at the dignity of queen of Persia, do not consider the custom of those times and countries. Every one that the king took to his bed was married to him, and was his wife of a lower rank, as Hagar was to Abraham. Reciprocal: Gen 33:8 - to find 2Ki 11:12 - put the crown Est 8:5 - I be pleasing Eze 16:11 - and a