Esther 1:19
it please the king: Heb. it be good with the king, Est 1:21, Est 3:9, Est 8:5 from him: Heb. from before him it be not altered: Heb. it pass not away, Est 8:8, Dan 6:8-15, Dan 6:17, Let it be inserted among the permanent laws, and be made a part of the constitution of the empire. The Persians seem to have affected such a degree of wisdom in the construction of their laws, that they never could be amended, and should never be repealed; and this formed the ground of the saying, "The laws of the Medes and Persians that change not." another: Heb. her companion that is better: 1Sa 15:28, 1Ki 3:28 Reciprocal: 1Ki 2:32 - more righteous Neh 2:5 - If it please Est 4:11 - but I Dan 6:12 - The thing