2 Chronicles 28:23
For he sacrificed: This passage, says Mr. Hallet, greatly surprised me; for the sacred historian is here represented as saying, "The gods of Damascus had smitten Ahaz." But it is impossible to suppose that an inspired author should say this; for the Scripture every where represents the heathen idols as nothing and vanity, and as incapable of doing either good or hurt. All difficulty is avoided if we follow the old Hebrew copies, from which the Greek translation was made: "And king Ahaz said, I will seek to the gods of Damascus which have smitten me." 2Ch 25:14, 2Ki 16:12, 2Ki 16:13 Damascus: Heb. Darmesek Because the gods: Hab 1:11 sacrifice to them: Jer 10:5, Jer 44:15-18 But they were: Isa 1:28, Jer 44:20-28, Hos 13:9 Reciprocal: Jdg 10:6 - Baalim 2Ki 16:10 - saw an altar 2Ch 21:2 - Israel 2Ch 29:6 - For our fathers Job 35:10 - none Pro 13:6 - wickedness Pro 27:22 - General Isa 2:8 - is full Isa 17:1 - Damascus Isa 57:10 - There is Eze 16:28 - General Mic 1:5 - they