1 Chronicles 23:24
the sons of Levi: Num 10:17, Num 10:21 after the house: Num 1:4, Num 2:32, Num 3:15, Num 3:20, Num 4:34-49 by their polls: Num 1:2, Num 1:18, Num 1:22, Num 3:47 from the age: At first David appointed the Levites to serve from thirty years old and upwards; but considering, probably, that the temple which was about to be built, with its courts, chambers, etc., would require a more numerous ministry, he fixed this period, by this subsequent regulation, at twenty years and upwards. In the time of Moses, the age was from thirty years to fifty: here this latter period is not mentioned, probably because the service was not so laborious now; for the ark being fixed, they had no longer any burdens to carry; and therefore even an old man might continue to serve. See note on Num 8:24. twenty: 1Ch 23:3, 1Ch 23:27, Num 1:3, Num 4:3, Num 8:24, Ezr 3:8 Reciprocal: Num 4:35 - General 1Ch 24:4 - according 1Ch 24:6 - principal household 1Ch 26:32 - chief fathers 2Ch 31:17 - twenty