1 Chronicles 13:7
carried the ark: Heb. made the ark to ride, at Num 3:10, and again at verse 38. A particular caution is given that strangers must not touch, or even pry into, the most holy things connected with the tabernacle, lest the offender die. In giving the law, also, even a beast which touched Sinai's mount was, by the Almighty's fiat, to be stoned or thrust through with a dart. And again we read - Num 4:15 after special orders to Aaron and his sons about covering the sanctuary and all the vessels previously to a removal, that the Kohathites, who were to carry them, "shall not touch any holy thing, lest they die." These were positive commands. May the sin of Uzza in touching the ark, warn Christians to take heed of rashness and irreverence in dealing about holy things. See note on 1Ch 13:9. in a new cart: 1Ch 15:2, 1Ch 15:13, Num 4:15, 1Sa 6:7, 2Sa 6:3 out of the house: 1Sa 7:1, 1Sa 7:2 Reciprocal: 1Sa 6:11 - they laid 2Sa 6:4 - General Isa 30:29 - with a pipe