2 Kings 24:6
am 3405. bc 599. slept: As Jehoiakim was "buried with the burial of an ass," by being "drawn and cast forth beyond the gates of Jerusalem," without internment, the expression "slept with his fathers," can only mean that the died, or slept the sleep of death. In the East, a body exposed during the night would be a prey to wild animals; if any of it were left till the morning, the carnivorous birds would devour it. 2Ch 36:6, 2Ch 36:8, Jer 22:18, Jer 22:19, Jer 36:30 Jehoiachin: As this man reigned only three months, and was a mere vassal of the king of Babylon, his reign is scarcely reckoned; and therefore Jeremiah - Jer 36:30 says of Jehoiakim, "he shall have none to sit upon the throne of David. Reciprocal: 1Ch 3:16 - Jeconiah Est 2:6 - Jeconiah Ecc 4:14 - also Jer 22:24 - Coniah Eze 14:20 - Daniel Eze 19:1 - the princes Eze 19:12 - strong