2 Kings 19:9
when he heard: When Sennacherib had levied contributions on Hezekiah, he marched his army into Egypt; where, after several successes, he laid siege to Pelusium, and spent much time in it; but hearing that Tirhakah, king of Ethiopia, whom Strabo calls Therchon, was marching against him with a great army, to assist his kinsman Sevechus, or Sethon, the king of Egypt, he durst not abide his coming, but raised the siege; and returning to Judea, he encamped against Lachish, and afterwards against Libnah. But finding that Tirhakah pursued him as a fugitive, he marched back to encounter him; and having totally routed his army, he returned to wreak his vengeance on Hezekiah. 1Sa 23:27, Isa 37:9 sent: 2Ki 18:17 Reciprocal: 1Ki 20:2 - General 2Ch 14:9 - Zerah 2Ch 32:17 - He wrote Isa 18:1 - which Isa 37:8 - Rabshakeh Jer 29:25 - Because Hos 13:16 - Samaria Nah 2:13 - the voice