1 Kings 2:23
God: 1Ki 20:10, Rth 1:17, 1Sa 14:44, 2Sa 3:9, 2Sa 3:35, 2Sa 19:13, 2Ki 6:31 if Adonijah: We have already seen, that the whole harem of an eastern monarch was a part of the regal succession - see note on 2Sa 16:23, and it was treason for a subject to claim any wife or virgin who had once formed a part of it. Solomon evidently considered the request of Adonijah in this light; and was convinced that he was still aiming to seize the crown, to which he considered this as one step. But it is very doubtful, how far the plea either of policy or state necessity can justify Solomon in thus embruing his hands in his brother's blood, whatever might have been his treasonable intentions or conduct. spoken: Psa 64:8, Psa 140:9, Pro 18:6, Pro 18:7, Ecc 10:12, Luk 19:22 Reciprocal: Num 16:38 - sinners 2Sa 12:10 - the sword Pro 12:13 - wicked is snared by the transgression of his lips Pro 18:19 - brother Pro 20:2 - sinneth Hab 2:10 - sinned