2 Samuel 8:4
from him: or, of his chariots: As 1Ch 18:4, seven hundred. In the parallel place in Chronicles it is "seven thousand horsemen, a far more probable number. The letter ז, zayin, with a dot upon it stands for seven thousand, and the final letter ן, noon, for seven hundred. The great similarity of these letters might easily cause the one to be mistaken for the other, and so produce an error in this place. David houghed, Deu 17:16, Jos 11:6, Jos 11:9, Psa 20:7, Psa 33:16, Psa 33:17 reserved: 1Ki 10:26 Reciprocal: 2Sa 10:18 - fled 1Ki 4:26 - forty thousand Jer 17:25 - riding