Genesis 41:45
Zaphnathpaaneah: Which in Coptic signifies a revealer of secrets, or, the man to whom secrets are revealed. Jerome says this name signified in Egyptian, Savatorem mundi, "the Saviour of the world;" and Psotem-phaneh, in Coptic, is certainly "salvation of the world," from CΩT, for σωτηρια [Strong's G4991], salvation, em, the sign of the genitive case, and ΦΕΝΕΗ, world. If this interpretation be correct, Pharaoh must have meant Egypt by the world, or which Joseph might be justly termed the Saviour. We know that the Romans called their empire Universis Orbis-Orbis Terrarum, "all the world:" the Chinese say the same of their empire at the present day, and the phrase is used in the East: Nadir Shah is described on his coins as "Conqueror of the World," i.e., Persia. See the same phraseology applied to Syria, Palestine, etc. Luk 2:1, Act 11:28 priest of: or, prince, Gen 14:18, Exo 2:16, *marg. 2Sa 8:18, 2Sa 20:26, *Heb: On: Gen 46:20, Eze 30:17, Aven Reciprocal: Gen 41:50 - Asenath Gen 47:22 - of the priests Gen 47:25 - Thou hast Num 12:1 - married 1Ki 11:19 - that he gave 2Ki 23:34 - turned Isa 22:24 - hang Dan 1:7 - gave names