Genesis 41:2
there came: Gen 41:17-27 a meadow: Or, rather, "on, or among the reeds or sedges;" for so achoo is generally supposed to denote - see note on Job 8:11, so called, according to Mr. Parkhurst, from its fitness for making ropes, or the like, to connect or join things together, from achah, to join, connect. Thus the Latin juncus, a bulrush, a jungendo, from joining, for the same reason. He supposes it to be that sort of reed growing near the Nile which Hasselquist describes as "having scarce any branches, but numerous leaves, which are narrow, smooth, channelled on the upper surface, and the plant about eleven feet high. The Egyptians make ropes of the leaves. Reciprocal: Gen 41:26 - are