1 Kings 21:23
Jezebel: 1Ki 21:25, 2Ki 9:10, 2Ki 9:30-37 the dogs: Shocking as this must appear to minds that have been humanized by the kindly influence of Christianity, we still find similar instances in the accounts of modern travellers. Mr. Bruce says, that when at Gondar, "the bodies of those killed by the sword were hewn to pieces and scattered about the streets, being denied burial. I was miserable, and almost driven to despair, at seeing my hunting dogs, twice let loose by the carelessness of my servants, bringing into the court-yard the heads and arms of slaughtered men, and which I could no way prevent, but by the destruction of the dogs themselves." wall: or, ditch. Reciprocal: Jos 17:16 - Jezreel 1Sa 29:1 - Jezreel 1Ki 14:11 - that dieth 1Ki 18:45 - Ahab 2Ki 9:36 - This is Job 12:21 - poureth Pro 28:17 - General Jer 15:3 - I will Jer 16:4 - as dung Jer 22:19 - General Jer 34:20 - and their Rev 2:20 - that woman