1 Kings 20:34
The cities: 1Ki 15:20, 2Ch 16:4 So he made a covenant: One of the conditions of this covenant, we learn, was, that Ahab should have "streets (chutzoth) in Damascus;" a proposal better relished by Ahab then understood by the generality of commentators. This, however, is well illustrated by Mr. Harmer, from William of Tyre, the great historian of the Crusades; from whom it appears that it was customary to give those nations which were engaged in them, churches, streets, and great jurisdiction therein, in those places which they assisted to conquer. The Genoese and Venetians had each a street in Acon, or Acre, in which they had their own jurisdiction, with liberty to have an oven, mill, baths, weights, and measures, etc. 1Ki 20:42, 1Ki 22:31, 2Ch 18:30, Isa 8:12, Isa 26:10 Reciprocal: 1Sa 11:1 - Make 1Sa 15:8 - Agag 1Ki 11:24 - to Damascus 1Ki 15:18 - Benhadad 1Ki 22:1 - General 2Ki 6:8 - the king 2Ki 8:7 - Benhadad Amo 3:12 - in Damascus in a couch