1 Kings 20:26
Aphek: Supposed to be the Aphek near the river Adonis, between Heliopolis and Biblos, and probably the same place that Paul Lucas mentions in his Voyage to the Levant. It was swallowed up by an earthquake, and formed a lake about nine miles in circumference, in which he says there were several houses still to be seen entire, under the water. 1Ki 20:30, Jos 13:4, Jos 19:30, Jdg 1:31, Aphik, 1Sa 4:1, 1Sa 29:1, 2Ki 13:17 to fight against Israel: Heb. to the war with Israel Reciprocal: 2Sa 11:1 - after the year 1Ki 20:22 - at the return 1Ch 20:1 - after the year was expired 2Ch 24:23 - at the end