1 Kings 20:16
Benhadad: 1Ki 20:11, 1Ki 20:12, 1Ki 16:7, Pro 23:29-32, Ecc 10:16, Ecc 10:17, Hos 4:11 the thirty: Isa 54:15, The Syrians, the besiegers, had their directions from a drunken king, who gave orders over his cups, while he was drinking at noon. Drunkenness is a sin which is most detestable in all, but more so in a king than in a private individual, inasmuch as the greater weight a man's situation carries, whether from accumulated riches, family connections, hereditary authority, or invested command, so is the influence which his vices must have on those around him. Perhaps it may be said, from past experience, that drunkenness, which is a most heinous sin in the sight of God, may be charged on those who indulge only now and then in that which may eventually lead them into drunkenness; for they shut their eyes against the most palpable facts, and rather than give up the paltry gratification of a debauch, involve thousands by their example to positive harm. Benhadad's drunkenness was the forerunner of his fall. Belshazzar also, we read, drank wine with his princes, his wives, and his concubines, and praised the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone, and in the same hour came forth the finger of a man's hand and wrote his doom on the plaster of the wall. Those who fancy themselves perfectly secure, and above the possibility of falling, are commonly nearest their destruction: there is always an Ahab read to take advantage of and improve the self-imposed imbecility. Reciprocal: 1Sa 25:36 - merry 2Sa 13:28 - heart is merry 1Ki 16:9 - drinking 1Ki 20:24 - Take the Pro 20:1 - General Pro 23:34 - thou Pro 31:4 - General Ecc 7:4 - the heart Jer 43:10 - his royal Amo 6:7 - and the