Biblical People
Luke, KJV once Lucas. [Gr. Loukas, from the Latin Lucas, probably a diminutive form of the Latin Lucanus or Lucius. The various forms of this name are attested in inscriptions and other ancient texts.] Author of the 3rd Gospel and of the book of Acts, a physician, and travelling companion of the apostle Paul. In Col 4:10-14, Paul lists Luke among the Gentile believers who were with him, not with those who were "of the circumcision." Luke is thus believed to have been a Gentile convert to Christianity. Early Christian tradition makes him a native of Antioch in Syria. Luke does not identify himself as the author of the Gospel attributed to him, or of the Acts. However, internal evidence (Lk 1:1-4; cf. Acts 1:1, 2) leaves no doubt of their common authorship. Furthermore, by the use of "we" and "us" in the narrative of Paul's missionary journeys, the author reveals that he was with Paul on his 2nd Missionary Journey from Troas to Philippi, on his 3rd Journey from Philippi back to Jerusalem, and on the voyage from Caesarea to Rome. He joined Paul in sending greetings from Rome to the Colossian believers (Col 4:14) and to Philemon (Phm 24). He was also with Paul in Rome at the time of his 2nd imprisonment (2 Ti 4:11), apparently after all others had forsaken him. Further details of his life are unknown -- Seventh-day Adventist Bible Dictionary.

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